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Top 5 Reasons You Need an Estate Plan Regardless of How Much Money You Have

Everyone over the age of 18 needs an estate plan. Here's why....

Estate planning involves a lot more than wealth distribution and tax avoidance. Everyone over the age of eighteen needs a proper estate plan to protect current and future assets as well as safeguarding your health. The top five reasons you need an estate plan:

1.      Managing and Distributing Assets. Regardless of the amount you own, you have assets that need to be managed in the event of your incapacity and properly distributed according to your wishes upon your death. An estate plan will include the right documents to ensure all property – from real estate to personal effects – are properly maintained and given to those you choose. Imagine waking up from a coma and having to deal with foreclosure, loss of a business, and creditors hounding you. If you don't give someone agency authority to handle your financial matters, that could easily happen.


2.      Health Care. Determining the manner in which your health care decisions are carried out in the event you cannot make or communicate these wishes on your own is an essential part of a comprehensive estate plan. Choosing and appointing a trusted health care agent and providing advance directives of your end-of-life preferences is all included.


3.      Probate Avoidance. Preventing any unnecessary delays and expenses that create hardship on your family is also an important component of estate planning. Proper planning can keep your family out of court and keep your estate and financial issues private.


4.      Non-Probate Property. You likely have assets that are considered non-probate property that also need to be accounted for and kept up to date. These include IRAs, life insurance and other retirement accounts or pensions all of which are distributed upon death based on beneficiary designations. A comprehensive estate plan will include reviewing these documents and ensuring they are properly completed.


5.      Digital Asset Planning. Now everyone has a digital footprint and some of these assets may contain value. Most of them are sentimental and may be part of the legacy you leave behind. Making sure that digital assets can be properly accessed and maintained is also part of modern estate planning.


For parents – estate planning also appoints guardians for minors and dependents to ensure continuation of care.

For business owners – estate planning provides succession plans to ensure your family receives appropriate business interests while protecting any co-owners and ensuring the business stays in intact.

Our Process to Get Started on Your North Carolina Estate Plan: 

You will receive an email with a questionnaire link. Complete and submit prior to your consultation and the $350 fee will be waived.

Meet with an estate planning attorney and learn all the different strategies that can help you achieve the outcomes you desire.

Choose your plan based on your budget.

Pay half of the plan fee and schedule your legacy interview and signing ceremony.

At signing, pay the balance owed and get your plan along with the peace of mind knowing you protected everything you own and everyone you love! Schedule Now!


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