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What is Elder Law?

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Enhanced Estate & Incapacity Planning

Assessing the types of assets you own and understanding your family dynamics helps us to create the right estate plan for you. This may include a will and/or revocable living trust as well as all of the necessary incapacity planning documents. Incapacity documents are power of attorney documents that allow a designated trusted agent to make decisions and handle your affairs if you are not able to do so for yourself. 

Long-Term Care Asset Planning

The number one question we hear is, "How do I protect my life savings from being spent on nursing home or home health care?" 

There are many ethical and legal ways to protect your savings and still receive the standard of long-term care you or your loved ones desire. 

Crisis Planning

When a loved one needs elevated care (nursing home or full-time in-home care) immediately and you face growing concerns about how to pay for this care, we can help. 

Benefits Application

We can assist in helping your loved one apply for Medicaid. Prior to the application, we review all assets and discuss ways to convert countable assets into non-countable assets to help facilitate the transition from self-pay to Medicaid assistance.


When it's too late to plan, guardianship may be the only option. In order to execute an estate plan, you must have mental capacity. If symptoms of cognitive decline have progressed beyond the point of being able to execute an estate plan, then we can help you through the legal process of obtaining guardianship of a loved one. Serving Wake, Durham, Johnston and Franklin Counties for guardianship matters.

What We


Elder Law Consultation

Meet with an elder law attorney to discuss your situation. Book Now.


Enhanced Power of Attorney

We view estate planning from the elder law lens which always takes long term care needs into consideration. The special powers granted in this power of attorney document allow your agent to employ strategies that may help you receive government benefits for long term care. 


Medicaid Asset Protection Trust

This powerful tool can allow you to shelter certain assets while still qualifying for Medicaid after the five-year lookback expires. 


Enhanced Life Estate Deeds

This simple strategy may help preserve your largest asset - your home - from Medicaid estate recovery . Contact us to learn more about this probate avoidance tool.


Convert Countable to Non-Countable

We go over your assets thoroughly and help you determine ways to convert countable assets into non-countable so you can qualify for Medicaid without spending down all of your savings.


Caregiver Agreements

Are your family members providing any care or assistance? We can help them get paid through a caregiver agreement that may also help you qualify for Medicaid sooner.

Between the attorney, aging specialist and the Medicaid advisor, this team helped us streamline the process and saved us thousands in the process. 

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