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I am an estate planning and elder law attorney and I realize it is not pleasant to think about death, incapacity, taxes and the costs of long-term care, but failing to plan can lead to disastrous consequences. I could tell you stories for days.

What happens if you don't make it home today?  Many people have mistaken ideas about how it actually plays out.  Would you like to know the answer? Book a consultation and we will talk about your specific situation.

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Marlet Edwards

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It's not just the assets you leave behind that need to be addressed. You are very likely to become incapacitated at some point in your life, even if only for a brief time, and really need the right documents in place to prevent court involvement and family conflict. You also need to think about your loved ones, especially minor children and other dependents. We truly understand how important it is and the peace of mind it brings to properly plan for death, incapacity and long-term care costs. For this reason, we provide a novel approach to the process. 

It starts by providing you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. How do we do this? We offer a 2 hour consultation and waive the $350 fee if you complete the questionnaire ahead of time. This allows us to customize the meeting to your situation, assets and family dynamics.

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During the consultation we explain various options for protecting everything you own and everyone you love. You then build your estate plan based on your preferences and your budget. It is our sincere wish for you to get a comprehensive, holistic estate plan that provides the outcomes you desire while staying in your budget. 

Some clients need additional services because they own a business, have a blended family or minor children to protect. You should not have to pay for that level of planning if those situations do not apply to you. Flat fee pricing is our model, but the fee is determined by you, the client, based on what you want included in your plan, not set by us, the firm. Everyone has a unique situation and therefore ends up with a unique estate plan. 

I would love to help you get your plan in place. Click the button below to schedule either a 15 minute call to learn more or book your 2 hour consultation.

Optional Add-Ons

While our base plans are comprehensive, we know that some clients prefer the bells and whistles of working with a boutique law firm. Choose from any of the following optional add-ons to your estate plan:

“I used Estate Planning NC to create my will and was impressed with the ease and convenience of the process. Marlet spent a lot of time going over the questionnaire with me and made me feel confident in my decisions.”

Ed K., Cary, NC

“Estate Planning NC helped me create a trust for my family, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Having it delivered to my door was important to me because I do not drive."

Lila D., Clayton, NC

“I highly recommend Estate Planning NC. The office has easy parking and no steps which is great for seniors. You can tell they really care about their clients.”

Stephanie B., Raleigh, NC

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